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Urban Object

Urban Object

LaPure™ Soft Play Mat
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The Urban Object + Fabric Grey double-sided play mat is Parklon’s newest play mat and is made using the highest quality materials from Germany. This antibacterial mat ensures a clean and healthy play area for your baby. The La Pure Mat also features high-density cushioning for improved shock absorption, providing a soft space for little ones to play and explore. 



  • Antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-odor properties 
  • Ultra high-density for improved shock absorption and noise reduction 
  • Water-resistant and easy to wipe clean
  • Reversible design 
  • Nontoxic, phthalate-free and BPA-free
  • Safe for all ages, including newborns


    Dimensions: 74.8" x 51.2"
    Mat Thickness: 0.5"

    Dimensions: 82.7" x 55.1"
    Mat Thickness: 0.6" 


    Material: Nontoxic PVC
    Made in Korea

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